Six Most Enjoyable Games for the Entire Family

After rushing through an extremely busy week, spending some quality time is a positive way to refresh and prepare yourself for the coming week. Since throughout the week you hardly get time to bond with your family members, weekends are the best time to do so. Make your entire family engage and participate in some kind of games so that you can secure some precious moments with all that you will cherish in future. Below are listed some of the indoor and outdoor games that your entire family can partake.

Some families prefer to play indoor games where they can engage in some activities within the relaxing comforts of their room.  Some common indoor games are:

  1. Board games – The popularity of board games has reached great heights in the recent past. People these days are mostly interested in playing strategic games, which test their analytical skill. This is best manifested in games like Monopoly, Lego, cleudo and etc. Even dice games come under this category where many people can participate at the same time.
  2. Card games – Another set of games that can engage people across different generations of the same family is card games. There are varieties of games that can be played with cards. Some of the most popular types are bridge, bray, fish, bluff and trick-taking games such as spades and others.
  3. Educational games – These are games in which everyone participates to have fun, and in the meantime, the young members of the family tend to learn something or test their knowledge. Games like scrabble particularly test vocabulary, and quiz tests knowledge on various topics. These games bring family members together to share wonderful times.

On the other hand, some families enjoy remaining active even in the weekends. For them some of the outdoor activities are:

  1. Badminton – This game holds its own charm since mid of 18th century. People of most ages love to participate in badminton, which can be played by two players (singles) or four players (doubles). It can be definitely customised as per your choice so that you can add more players to make it more challenging.
  2. Bowling – Families interested in light mood competition can enjoy playing bowling. They can split up into different teams and compete against each other in knocking the targeted pins. This game played at leisure can cheer everyone up. The common types of bowling games include five-pin bowling, nine-pin, ten-pin, candle-pin and etc.
  3. Ball games – The quintessential ball games like football, volleyball and basketball have been favourite with families since long times. Although considered as a game primarily for male members of the family, it is also played with similar vigour by female members. Albeit aged members in the family lack the physical ability to participate in ball games, they can verbally cheer up the ones, who are playing.

Depending on the preference of your family members, you can choose whether you want to play indoor or outdoor games. So get ready to have enjoyable weekends ahead, with your entire family actively taking part in these games.

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How to ensure sustainable development of your child through education?

Tabula rasa is a theory that states, every individual is born with a blank state of mind and the knowledge that one acquires is the result of experience and perception. The mind of a child can be the best example for this supposition. They are the fast learners and if you use the perfect tool to educate them, the results are outstanding. A child’s ability to memorize is activated but his ability to reason is usually dormant. If you can identify capabilities of children and train them when they have innocent and blank state of mind, be ensured about their progress and development. Education can be imparted in many ways. You can put your son or daughter in a preschool or in a kindergarten. However, they can even be trained at home under the guidance of the parents. After all, parents are always the first teachers of the children.

The initial period for a child is the most crucial one as the kid spends the maximum time with the parents. Equally, the environment inside the house plays a vital role in the development process. Paying attention to the academics of the child helps in future scholastic achievements. They demand mental security and getting the assurance of parental support is a boost for educational improvement. You can start by allotting the child small tasks like asking him to put things in the right place or you can ask him to pass on things to someone in the family. Sharing is yet another habit that must be taught at home. Try to be as friendly as possible, because the more you know your child more efforts can you put to improve the learning skills.

Home is regarded as the first school of a child. Some parents prefer to opt for homeschooling and the children are not sent to school. Teaching them at home involves more personal attention, which helps in developing a strong relationship as you know your child better than someone else. Parents must make a schedule instructing the child to fix time for studies and other fun. Children easily get addicted to television and as a parent you must not let that happen.  Following routine helps in making the child understand the importance of time. These are some of the norms that every child should know to sync with the society. However, learning is a continuous process and these are some of the milestones, which a child comes across in the home, during the early years.

Homeschooling is a good idea but as a parent you must also think about teaching your child to socialize with kids of his or her own age. This is when the importance of preschool or kindergarten occurs. Making friends with someone out of the family is an art which the child needs to learn, which is possible only in the school. Moreover, the urge to know the unknown encourages the child to grasp more knowledge. These schools teach children etiquettes and build in habits that are effective in the long run. They even learn ways to carry out responsibilities and complete tasks on-time.

Education is not only restricted to home or school. Each and everything a child does, become an experience, adding more in the development process. As a parent, you should guide and support your child in differentiating between right and wrong. Increasing the interest to learn using innovative mechanism is yet another method to educate children and thereby helping in developing ethics, identity and morale of their own.

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Why raising pets is a joyous and healthy activity for your kid?

The best part of having a pet is that you will never be bored because your pet is there to give you company. Kids and pets often form a long lasting relationship and with time, a wonderful bond grows in between them. Have you seen the videos of kids spending times with their pets? They are funny and the amazing part is that both the kid and the pet shared happy moments. Moreover, research has even proven the fact that having a pet in home helps in developing good qualities in a child. There are certain attributes that a child needs to learn like taking of responsibility and having a pet at home builds in various such senses, which are essential in daily life.

Condition of a pet totally rests upon the owner. The way you treat your dog is closely monitored by your child and they behave in the similar manner with the pet. Hence, if you want to increase emotional sensitivity of the child and make him realize how innocent these animals are and how much they adore people who care, opt for this decision. Pets are dependent animals and kids tend to show affinity to pets easily. That is the reason they share their food with them. You give an opportunity to your child to boost in self confidence by making them realize how important role they play in the life of the animal.

One cannot deny the fact that pets are the best friends of children. Usually, a child who has not yet developed the abilities of communication finds it easy to interact with the animals. Apart from that, pets are always close to younger people. Hence, the children can get help from pets when they are in trouble. Children can fully trust pets with the reliance of not being deceived by them. Though, it is an illogical action from the point of view of an adult, from that of a child, it’s quite natural and that’s chiefly because of his imaginative power. Getting exposed to reality is yet another aspect that children learn. Animals usually have a short life span. Hence, death of a pet is painful for everyone and it affects children in a different manner. The sudden emptiness and the truth of not being able to see the dog or the cat which was a partner to their game is weird. Slowly, they realize the realities of life and step into the psychological journey to adulthood. In course of time, if the child loses someone really close, accepting death and recovering from the pain is quicker.

Most of the people who have pets in home enjoy healthy life and kids find them entertaining as well. There are even sessions in school where a teacher assigns the task of keeping a pet in the home of each of the student for a week. The children learn to bond with animals and care for them by feeding them on time and taking them out for fresh air. Bonding between innocuous and cuddling animals and humans is healthy and that’s why, pets bring smile on a child’s face and make life more interesting.

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What are some healthy snack options for kids and family

Toss out junk food and start preparing snack time fun again! Serving healthy snacks in-between meals is a vital element to ensure that your child’s diet is well balanced. But, if you consider snack-time as “mini-meal time” it’s unlikely that you will serve your kid with unhealthy diet options. However, when you just walk round a supermarket it might leave your head in a bit of spin as there are numerous products displayed to choose from.

You will often find yourself trapped in buying small packaged snacks available with adorable cartoon stickers on them. No doubt that your kid loves them. But, often it is found that ingredients like trans fats, high fructose corn syrup etc should infrequently pass their lips – it’s reprehensible that products of such kind are often promoted to the kids.

Check out these few kid-friendly ingredients that make great snacks:

  • Celery and/or carrots with dip – Well-liked dips among kids may comprise of hummus, bean dip, creamy Italian dressing, ranch, soft cheese and cream cheese. You can try other raw vegetables too such as zucchini or courgette, cucumbers or bell pepper slices.
  • Whole wheat crackers and toppings – You can try sliced cheese, egg salad, cream cheese, peanut butter, tuna salad, pepperoni and jelly. You can prepare your lunch for your kid on your own by layering them with cheese, ham and turkey.
  • Fresh fruit – Different types of melon cut into chunks, pineapple wedges, whole strawberries are not only colourful but also palatable. You can make use of toothpicks to let kids make their own kebabs and mix fruits to prepare quick salad.
  • Apple slices and dip – Cut apple using apple slicer, sprinkle bit of lemon juice to keep them away from turning brown. You can also serve with peanut butter or fat free whipped topping, sugar free caramel dip or other fruit dip.
  • Yogurt or granola – Granola makes a great snack on its own. It even turns tasty if you can stir it with bit of yogurt. You can even look out for different flavours at your local grocery shop.
  • Popcorn – You can prepare popcorns with little butter or no butter and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese while it’s still hot. You can even sprinkle bit of cinnamon, sugar, salt or any other ingredient to spice it up.
  • Cheese sticks – String cheese are a hot favourite among kids. You can also opt for cheddar sticks.
  • Quick bread and muffins – These are quite filling and look quite tempting when you put them into the oven. You can even dot them with bit of butter. Quick breads and muffins are quite easy to prepare and you can opt for any variety such as blueberry, banana or zucchini.
  • Cereal – Cereals also act as a great snack item. A bowl of cereal for breakfast is considered as a healthy snack item.

So, let you kid and family enjoy some healthy snack items in-between meals.

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