5 Tips For Protecting Your Kids From Colds & Flu

I’m not a nurse, but I guess you could say I play one in real life. As the mom of four kids,I’ve received and researched many tips for not only preventing viruses, but for keeping them from spreading throughout the family. These tips will not keep your family totally virus free, but they can help keep illness to a minimum.

Proper Handwashing

Ask any health professional and they will tell you that proper handwashing is the key to preventing sickness. Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security when it comes to anti-bacterial handcleaners. Theydo get rid of most bacteria, but not all.Get your kids into the habit of washing their hands upon returning from school,the grocery store, the mall and especially the doctor’s office. If you have young children who ride in the seat of a shopping cart, clean their hands with a wet wipe after you buckle them in their carseat. Better yet, wipe the handle of the cart with an antiseptic wipe before your child has a chance to touch it.Since viruses can live on surfaces for several hours, the handle on the carts could have the germs of many people on it. Because little ones can’t help putting their hands in their mouths, keeping them clean is a big step towards preventing illness.

Get Plenty of Rest

We all come in contact with virus germs, that’s unavoidable.However, we can usually fight them off if our bodies are as healthy as possible. Allowing our bodies to rejuvenate themselves with the proper amount of rest will help in that fight.

Stay Hydrated

The mucous linings in our noses and mouths require us to drink plenty of water to stay smooth and moist. The membranes defend us against bacteria and viruses. When these areas are dry, it’s easier for germs to make themselves at home. Drinking plenty of fluids will keep the mucous membranes moist, thus better to resist unwanted guests.

Keep It Clean

When cleaning your kitchen and bathroom, take a few extra minutes to wipe door knobs, the handle on your refrigerator door, your phone and other places that your family touches often. Find a toothbrush storage solution that keeps your toothbrush heads from touching each other.

Don’t Spread It Around

If someone in your house does become sick, try toprevent them from sharing their germs by washing your hands after contactwith the ill one. Wipe door knobs more frequently and, of course, try to keep the rest of the family separate.

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