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Health Care Tips for Adolescents and Children

Children of all ages need to be given special education about their health. The importance of maintaining  healthy living is the need of the hour, given the world we are residing in. Here are a few health care tips for adolescents and children that you may follow to ensure a healthy living condition in your kids.

A. Bad food habits cause many health problems in children. Therefore, it is important to understand how you may manage these issues.

  • Give them calcium rich foods which will help in their bone development. Food items rich in calcium are milk, yoghurt, soy milk etc. are the items you want your child to drink. Keep them away from sodas and soft drinks, as they have small quantities of caffeine in them. This may cause them to get addicted to the caffeine. Calcium deficiency may cause weakness in bones, knock knees, sleep disorders etc.
  • Protein rich food helps in muscle growth Creatine. This is common knowledge. However, the uncommon knowledge is that, intake of too much protein may cause kidney problems. Limit protein intake to the required level, and indulge your child to instead go for more sports activities that will help build muscles, and keep the child fit.
  • Give your child lots of greens and whole grains. These help build stronger blood vessels and lowers the chance of falling prey to killer diseases like cancer.
  • Push your children to exercise more and limit their time for video games and television. This not only keeps the body fit, but also reduces the chances of obesity. It is also essential for the mental growth of the child.
  • Insist on serving a heavy and well balanced breakfast. Since this is the most important meal of the day, it is also the best meal to include most of the essential nutrients that your child daily needs.
  • Girls specially need to take in more iron due to their monthly menstrual cycle. Iron deficiency causes anemia, and may pose a problem to them at a later stage. Since iron plays a major role in blood composition, it is essential for the boys as well. Iron deficiency is a very common illness amongst children.

B. Apart from a healthy food habit, it is essential for your children to get a proper night’s sleep. A growing child needs at least 9 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Therefore it is imperative that you specify a bed-time for your child, and that he/she abides by it. Lack of sleep causes disorientation in them causing them to lag behind in school, lethargic and irritable. A good night’s sleep cannot be compensated by sleeping extra on the weekend. So, help them get over this habit, if they are developing one.

C. Children nowadays are more stressed out. To ease this stress get them to do a little bit of mind relaxing exercises and indulge them to listen to soothing music once in a while.

By following these simple steps you will not only gain their health but also their confidence. You will see a definite change in their attitude towards the world.

The Importance Of Apple for Kids’ Health

How many times have we heard the old adage “An apple a day keeps the doctor away”? For most of us the number will be uncountable. Well, doctors may not be really kept away because kids health issues are quite common, but we cannot really ignore the apple health for kids under any circumstances. Yes, apples have great fruit health benefits that help in overall growth and development of your kids.

An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away

Apples are natural sources of Vitamin A, B1, B2 and C. They also contain minerals like calcium, phosphorous, iodine, iron, potassium and are rich in fibers as well. Now let’s discuss the importance of apple health for kids.

  • Stronger Bones for Kids: A natural element found in apples called boron helps in strengthening of bones in the kids. Also a flavonoid called phloridzin, found only in apples help to increase the density of your kids’ bones.
  • Natural Source of Fibers for Kids: A major fruit health benefits for kids is high fiber contents in apples that are essential to regulate the digestive system and also prevent constipation. Fibers also help in cleansing the intestinal tracts and safeguard your kids from different forms of fatal diseases like cancers and heart ailments.
  • Helps in Protecting Brains of Kids: Studies have revealed that the phytonutrients found in the apples actually protects kids’ brains from some of the weakening diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson’s. Though these diseases are usually associated with adults, apple rich healthy eating diets for your kids may protect them from these diseases when they grow up.
  • Helps Maintaining Balanced Weight and Lowering Cholesterol in Kids: In the recent times obesity has become one of the common kids health issues. Apples are effective for losing weight in such cases. Also, Pectin that is in the peels of the apples helps in reducing cholesterol levels in the kids. After a certain age bad cholesterols are responsible for a number of diseases. However, kids who consume apples daily have higher chances of remaining largely unaffected from such diseases.
  • Reduces Asthma Attacks in Kids: Another significant apple health for kids is lowering the rates of asthma attacks and developing a healthy respiratory system. Studies have shown that consumption of two apples a day had prevented asthma attacks in kids.
  • Reduces the Risk of Cancers in Kids: Studies have showed that some flavonoids like quercetin and naringin that are found in apples help in the reduction of lungs, colon and breast cancers. And pectin that is present in the peels of the apple helps in reducing liver cancer. So, it is highly recommended that you make your kids habituated to consume apples without peeling them off to derive these major fruit health benefits.

Apples Keep The Smile of Your Kid Intact And Gums Protected

Some other Benefits of Apple for Kids

Following are some additional benefits of apple health for kids:

1. Apples help in cleansing teeth and also strengthen your kids’ gums.

2. They have the ability to ward off pediatric eye diseases like macular degeneration.

3. Apples help in detoxification of your kids’ bodies and is known to be antiviral.

4. Apples have the abilities to reduce high blood pressure in your kids.

5. Recent studies have been indicative of apples being instrumental in regulating blood sugar levels in the bodies and especially kids suffering from Type 2 diabetics can benefit from consuming apples.

So now that you know that the red color tasty fruit called apple has so many kids health benefits, you need to make them essential part of your kids’ healthy eating diets plan. Apple is nature’s gift to mankind and once you habituate your kids’ to eat apples daily, the health benefits of this wonder fruit can be reaped by them lifelong.

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How to Reduce Hyperactivity in Children?

Hyperactivity is a state in which the body and mind feels the need for excess activity. Hyperactivity may be caused due to several reasons, like a disrupted family atmosphere, certain activities in school, excessive sugar intake etc. Parents with hyperactive kids sometimes are unable to gauge methods to take control of the situation, and hence end up seriously reprimanding the kid. This may not be the most appropriate method to handle the situation, and at times may cause the child to become more adamant and unresponsive.

There are certain methods which may be adopted to keep hyperactivity under control. The first thing to consider is that you should avoid giving your child a sugar rich diet. Any food item containing either direct sugar, or one that is starchy should be avoided. Sugar is required by the body in measured quantities, and hence it should be provided accordingly. Instead, give him a diet rich in proteins.

Hyperactivity in Kids

Encourage your child to join you in breathing exercises. This will not only help calm your child, but, will also equip you for any out of control behavior. Even though your kid may not have a very big attention span but making this into a routine pattern will slowly ensure that your child starts to look forward to this exercise on a daily basis.

Talking about a routine, maintaining a timetable for your daily activities at home will help bring order. Your over active child needs to be brought into a set schedule to keep him from over reacting to any particular activity. Since following of a pattern will be a constant factor in his life, therefore, he will feel secured and safe around his family.

Your Care and Love Can Make Your Kids Healthy

Maintain a calm atmosphere around the house. Try to keep stress levels around the house at minimum levels. Tranquility helps calm the child and makes him comfortable and confident around his family.

Depending on your child’s age make him write about his feelings. Do not force him to do it, but explain to him how it would help him put to words his thoughts, which he probably cannot share with anyone. Emphasize on the fact that it is his private journal which no one would pry into. Giving your child space to understand his problems is very important.

Last but not the least, if you have more than one kid, then along with you it is essential for all the siblings to also understand the situation. If your other children are unable to grasp the situation, then you may have to take certain preventive measures after consulting your child therapist or family physician.

Hyperactivity is not something that is incurable. Keeping these few pointers in mind will ensure that you are not totally unprepared to handle hyperactive child. However, in case you feel at any point during child rearing that things are going out of control, then please do not hesitate to seek help from a therapist. Hyperactivity may only be the first steps to a bigger mental condition, and you could prevent it from happening by timely acting on your part.

How To Get Rid of Childhood Obesity?

“Oh! Look at that chubby kid!” is this a statement you have heard often when taking stroll in the park? You may choose to take this comment in two ways; first, you think your child is healthy and well fed, therefore looks very cute, or second, you are inattentive about your kid’s diet and physical activity. If you belong to the former category, then probably you need a little more time to realize the truth. However, if you do belong to the latter category, then it is time you started taking some precautions.

Obesity is a growing challenge faced by most parents today. It is attributed to the current life style and unhealthy diet followed at most homes. Obesity may lead to various health issues like cardio-vascular diseases, rise in cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and so on, even in children. So how do you fight obesity? The answer is by simply following a few basic steps.

There are Many Causes of Childhood Obeisity Eating is Just One of Them

1. First, pay attention to your daily diet routine.
(a)Check the items that you consume on a daily basis.
(b)List those items.
(c)Consult a chart which lists out all the amount of calories and fats for all foods.
(d)Over a period of time start by eliminating the high calorie foods or simply replacing them with low fat items.
2. Children today take to video games and the television very easily. It should be noted by the parents that your child should indulge in these activities because of two reasons:
(a)The child gets addicted to video games and television, and
(b)Your child is deprived of any physical exercise.
(c)There is yet another reason to discourage your kid from staying indoors for too long; and that is your child will tend to become introvert and will shy away from people as they grow.

Factors Causing Obeisity

3. Select an educational institute that encourages P.E. Many schools take off P.E from their daily curriculum due to lack of staff or other reasons. Parents should be aware of this change and should act accordingly. You are looking for the best of education for your child; physically as well as mentally.
4. Pack a healthy lunch for your school going kid. Make sure he does not gorge on the fatty and unhealthy food readily available outside. If you notice your child is bringing back his lunch untouched, then it may be time for you to discuss health matters with your child’s teachers.
5. At times you may notice your kid over eating all the time. There may be a few reasons for this.
(a)Your child is not eating enough during meal times.
(b)He is taking too much time adjusting to his new diet chart or
(c)The kid is suffering from some form of mental illness which is making him over eat. In either of the cases it will be wise of you to consult your family physician for the suitable remedy.

You are the all rounder in your kid’s life. To understand and meet his health requirements is your responsibility. Do not give in to the begging and coaxing of the child for unhealthy foods, if you want your child to have a healthy and hearty future.

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