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Important Nutritional Activities For Kids

It is very essential for all kids to develop healthy food habits. This not only keeps them fit and enhances their growth and development, but also keeps a number of diseases at bay. There are various nutrition activities that can introduce kids to healthy nutritional foods and balanced eating habits. These are simple, yet creative. But most importantly, the fun elements and the joy of learning in these nutrition activities keep the kids interested and in the process develop their knowledge about healthy foods.


Nutrition Activities

Let us see some of the important nutrition activities for kids that can be used:

  • Learning through Alphabets: The first of the nutrition activities is learning through alphabets. For example: We can introduce the letter “A” to the kids and give example of “Apple”. We can follow this by making the kids color the apple in their drawing books, showing a real apple to them, create paper cuttings of the apples, coloring them and gifting the kids.
  • Building Food Pyramid: On a large flip chart a triangle can be drawn and divided as per the standard food pyramid with all the five essential food groups. We can label each section with the name of the food group with recommended daily servings. Now the kids can be instructed to cut out pictures of food from magazines. The kids can then be asked to paste the food items according to their respective groups on the chart. They can also use food sticker for this purpose.
  • Necklaces out of Cereals:The next in the list of nutrition activities can be the use of cereals to create necklaces. The kids can be asked to place looped cereals through a yarn and make a necklace. This activity also enhances the motor skills of the kids.
  • Creating Stamps: For this nutrition activity, some interesting shapes out of firm vegetables like potatoes, carrots, eggplants etc. can be cut out. Now the kids can be provided with newspapers or white flip charts and some paints of different colors in containers. They need to dip the cut out vegetables into the container and stamp it on the charts provided to them.
  • Learning to Cook:This nutrition activity is surely going to bring a smile on the kids’ faces. To begin this, first a small amount of milk can be mixed with food colors. Then the kids can be provided a clean small brush and asked to paint a piece of bread with the mixture. But it has to be monitored that the breads don’t get too much wet. Then the bread can be toasted in the oven and the kid can be served with a topping of butter.

So we see that some simple, yet creative nutrition activities can be very much educative, interesting and fun for the kids. If you want to introduce your kids to healthy nutritional foods and balanced eating habits, then just follow these important nutrition activities for kids. You will be pleased to see the positive results!

Precautions For Kids’ Health Problems

A great deal has been written about how to build a healthy kid by giving him the right kind of diet and supplements. However, there are other aspects to consider as well when talking about a kid’s health problem. And that starts with the basics of parenting and then goes forward. Let us see how.

  • Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may cause the fetus to develop a syndrome called Fetus alcohol syndrome, in which there may be physical, mental and behavioral problems.
  • Child having Fetus Alcohol Syndrome

  • Always place the child on his back when sleeping. This is a precautionary step to avoid suffocation of the child.
  • Breast feeding a baby, if viable, ensures that it is receiving all the required nutrients. It protects the child from acquiring any form of bacterial infections.
  • Growing children need lots of encouragement from you. Give the kid compliments on doing an activity that is difficult for him/her. This will give him/her a moral boost and help to achieve new goals.
  • Encouraging Kids Gives Them Boost

  • Physical exercise is a must for growing kids. Encourage them to play outside for sometime daily. Doing this will build character, and will not leave him an introvert. It also allows him to show off his skills as a sportsman.
  • To avoid concussion, or any such major damages, make sure that your child wears a helmet and his protection gear at all times while riding or skate boarding.
  • Impart the importance of brushing and maintaining healthy gums at all times. Bring him into a routine of brushing at least twice daily. A regular visit to a dentist is important, to ensure your child’s dental health.
  • Washing Hands Rises Cleanliness in Kids

  • Unclean hands often lead to illness. Therefore, make it a daily habit to check on the cleanliness of your child’s hands. Washing his hands after coming back from outside, or before and after food is important. Your child needs to be explained about its importance.
  • The next point is about food habits. It is important that you follow a healthy eating pattern at home. In doing so you train your child to eat healthy and stay fit. Help him choose the right kind of nutritious food and prepare a special meal for him few times a week. That way, your child will not be bored of eating the mundane food items daily.
  • Be aware of the allergies or illnesses that your child is prone to. Overlooking such matters may be hazardous. Discuss with your pediatrician for solutions to these problems.
  • Pets Can Make Kids More Responsible

  • And last but not the least, if your child is eager for a pet, and you have the convenience, then let him have one. A pet can not only be a companion for your child, but also teach him responsibilities. This is also an important part of character building.

Types and Symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder

Does your child fail to give close attention to details or makes careless mistakes in school works or other activities? Does your child have difficulty sustaining attention in any task or even in playing games? Most importantly have you noticed some form of gross inattentiveness or hyperactivity in your child which you feel is abnormal? If your answer is “Yes”, your child may be suffering from Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder (ADHD) or Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD). ADD is a group of symptoms that affects a child’s concentration and ability to focus. It can also lead to severe mood swings and other social problems.

Attention Deficit Hyperactive Disorder Can Hamper The Progress of a Kid

There are three main types of attention deficit disorder – Predominantly Inattentive Type, Predominantly Hyperactive Type and a combination of both these.  It is essential for you to be aware of which type of attention deficit disorder your child is suffering from and what the symptoms are. This will decide the course of attention deficit disorder treatment for your child.

Symptoms of Predominantly Inattentive Type

A child suffering from Predominantly Inattentive Type attention deficit disorder will show six or more of the following symptoms:

  • Fails to give close attention to details.
  • Makes careless mistakes in school works, home works and daily chores.
  • Has difficulty sustaining attention in tasks or play activities.
  • Is inattentive when spoken directly.
  • Does not follow through instructions and fails to finish school works, home works and daily chores.
  • Has difficulty in organizing tasks and activities.
  • Avoids, dislikes doing school works and home works.
  • Loses things like toys, pencils, books, tools etc. quite frequently.
  • Is easily distracted by external stimuli.
  • Is forgetful in daily activities.

Symptoms of Predominantly Hyperactive Type

A child suffering from Predominantly Hyperactive Type attention deficit disorder will show six or more of the following symptoms:

  • Fidgets with hands or feet or squirms in seats.
  • Leaves seats in classroom without permission of the teacher.
  • Runs about or climbs excessively in situations inappropriately.
  • Does not quietly engage in playing and leisure activities.
  • Is often “on the go” as if “driven by some machine”.
  • Talks excessively.
  • Before completion of the questions asked to him, blurts out answers.
  • Does not have the patience to wait for turns.

Keep Your Child From Harm's Way

The Third type of attention deficit disorder is a combination of both these and would ideally show six or more symptoms of each.

However, the exact type of attention deficit disorder can be only established after consultation with a doctor. Also, the severity of the disorder in the child will determine the plan of treatment. A child with mild to moderate attention deficit disorder may require only psychological treatment. But attention deficit disorder treatment for a child suffering from severe form may need to undergo medication and/or psychological treatment.

World over, scientific researches are still being conducted to find out the actual reasons that cause attention deficit disorder. However, the symptoms are caused by neurological dysfunction or in simple words, chemical imbalances within the brain. Recent studies have showed genetic reasons for most attention deficit disorder cases, but there are more studies that are being conducted to establish the concreteness of this fact.

Once the children have been diagnosed with attention deficit disorder, the treatment is a combination of both medical and non medical interventions. But most importantly attention deficit disorder treatment in children is a collective effort of the parents, doctors, caregivers and teachers.

So now that you have some awareness about the type and symptoms of attention deficit disorder, do not delay and consult a doctor today. The earlier you start with attention deficit disorder treatment, more are the chances of your child getting better. Remember you are headed for a long drawn battle but you will have to be extremely patient, affectionate, loving and caring to your child. That is your most important weapon to combat the disorder.

The Importance Of Exercise in Children

So you have chalked out healthy eating guidelines for your children and it has already started showing results. But have you ever wondered that along with healthy eating diet, how much important is it for your children to have a structured exercise regime? In today’s world where children have to survive in a highly competitive and stressful environment, the relationship between exercise and children needs to be taken seriously. Exercises for children are absolutely essential for their overall physical and mental growth.

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Exercise Keeps A Child Fit And Fine

Children who exercise regularly have improved physical fitness, higher level of confidence, higher level of energy and have much better memory than their counterparts who do not exercise. The importance of exercises in children can be only judged by the health benefits that are derived from them. So, let’s discuss the exercise health benefits for children.

1. Children who exercise have stronger immunity and their body’s ability to fight off diseases improves vastly. Most children who regularly exercise are less prone to common children’s health issues like coughs and colds, fevers, allergies etc.

2. Another exercise health benefits in children are reduction of Type 2 Diabetics because of increasing insulin sensitivity and improving of the carbohydrates metabolism.

3. Exercises also help to maintain balanced blood pressure level in the children. Additionally, it has been observed that exercises in children help in improving their cholesterol profile as well.

4.  Most children who exercise have stronger cardio vascular system owing to higher pumping activities of the heart. And stronger and healthy heart right from the childhood reduces the chances of heart ailments later in life.

5.  Of the numerous exercise health benefits, development of stronger bones, joints and muscles structure in children are of significant importance. This actually helps them in the long run and reduces chances of orthopedics problems a lot when they grow up.
Exercise Is A Great Way To Keep Health Ailments Away

6. Exercises in children can keep away one of the most common children’s health issues in recent times, obesity. As exercises help in burning calories in the bodies, children who exercise regularly are able to reduce body fat and also have controlled weights.

7. Another exercise health benefits in children is increasing blood flow to all the tissues in the body that includes the brain as well. Greater blood flow supplies more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the children’s bodies. This makes the children more energized.

8. Greater blood flows also lead to higher rate of metabolism in the children’s bodies resulting in detoxification and in the process make the children much fitter. Also, exercises in children increase their breathing and sweating that is again responsible for detoxification as well.

9. Those children who exercise have enhanced brain metabolism which is largely responsible for better brain functions and increased memory.

10. Routine exercises regimes in children help them to concentrate much better in schools and all other activities.

11. There are several studies that substantiate the fact that the children who exercise have decreased level of anxieties, depressions and mood swings. Also exercise enhances their quality of sleep.
Sound Sleep Is Bound To Happen After Exercising

12. Children who exercise have higher self confidence, are more optimistic and have greater self esteem. Since their endurance level increase due to exercises, these children are better equipped to overcome difficulties and challenges in life and supposedly have more positive outlook towards life.

By now you must be fully aware of the relationship between exercise and children. So, if your children are not into any form of exercises, remember they are losing out on all the exercise health benefits. And being responsible parents your objective will definitely be to let your children grow into healthy, active and fit individuals, ready to take on the world!

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Breaking Your Kid’s Bad Eating Habits

Bad eating habit is very common in most households. Children of all age groups cause a lot of hullabaloo over food. Refusing to eat healthy food or simply informing you that they are not hungry are a few symptoms that tell you, your kid is following a bad eating habit. The question then asked is, how can you break your kid’s bad eating habit? Here are 6 tips to help you sort out the problem:

  • The first thing to consider is that whether your kid is eating too much junk food or not. If he is, then you have a couple of ways to break that. First, avoid buying junk food while shopping, or second, buy in small quantities. By doing this you make sure that your child does not eat junk food all day, or it is not at all available to him.
  • Various Types of Junk Food Galore In The Market

  • Non-stop munching on food and snacks erases the need for some real food. To break this habit, make a time table for snack time. You may choose to serve your kid with snacks twice or thrice a day depending on his appetite. If your kid wants some untimely snacks, then simply point out to him the time table, and inform him that having his snack at that hour would not get him his regular snack.
  • It is good for a child to drink juice; however, too much may kill his appetite for his next meal. The one way to get your kid out of this habit would be to serve the juice in a regular sized cup. This gives him the feel of an extra serving, and you can keep a tab on his juice intake. Also, encourage your child to substitute water with juice.
  • So Many Fizzy Drinks Can Be had

  • Children have a certain fondness for sweet items. However, it can be harmful for them if taken in large quantities. You may limit your child’s intake of sugar by treating him/her to a couple of pieces of cookies in a day. Don’t leave sugary items in the open where your child can reach them or see them. Also, while serving dessert, don’t always bring out the ice cream or other such items. Try to exchange it with a fruit salad or plain and simple fruits.
  • Carbohydrates are great for the body; however, they are also easily digestible. Overeating of carbs may cause your child to be deprived of other food items. It is necessary for you to bring to the table a variety of nutrition rich food for the child to choose from a wider food group.
  • O God Its Vegetables On The Plate

  • Vegetables, although disliked by most, are important. Make the vegetables appealing to your children by cooking them in light butter, or may be by following a recipe. Whatever you do, do not force the child to gobble up everything on his plate. Set an example by eating your own vegetables, and one day you will find your child asking for them as well.

The solutions to breaking bad eating habits are simple, but, patience is the key to the desired solution. So, be patient and in return your kids will be profitable.