How to ensure sustainable development of your child through education?

Tabula rasa is a theory that states, every individual is born with a blank state of mind and the knowledge that one acquires is the result of experience and perception. The mind of a child can be the best example for this supposition. They are the fast learners and if you use the perfect tool to educate them, the results are outstanding. A child’s ability to memorize is activated but his ability to reason is usually dormant. If you can identify capabilities of children and train them when they have innocent and blank state of mind, be ensured about their progress and development. Education can be imparted in many ways. You can put your son or daughter in a preschool or in a kindergarten. However, they can even be trained at home under the guidance of the parents. After all, parents are always the first teachers of the children.

The initial period for a child is the most crucial one as the kid spends the maximum time with the parents. Equally, the environment inside the house plays a vital role in the development process. Paying attention to the academics of the child helps in future scholastic achievements. They demand mental security and getting the assurance of parental support is a boost for educational improvement. You can start by allotting the child small tasks like asking him to put things in the right place or you can ask him to pass on things to someone in the family. Sharing is yet another habit that must be taught at home. Try to be as friendly as possible, because the more you know your child more efforts can you put to improve the learning skills.

Home is regarded as the first school of a child. Some parents prefer to opt for homeschooling and the children are not sent to school. Teaching them at home involves more personal attention, which helps in developing a strong relationship as you know your child better than someone else. Parents must make a schedule instructing the child to fix time for studies and other fun. Children easily get addicted to television and as a parent you must not let that happen.  Following routine helps in making the child understand the importance of time. These are some of the norms that every child should know to sync with the society. However, learning is a continuous process and these are some of the milestones, which a child comes across in the home, during the early years.

Homeschooling is a good idea but as a parent you must also think about teaching your child to socialize with kids of his or her own age. This is when the importance of preschool or kindergarten occurs. Making friends with someone out of the family is an art which the child needs to learn, which is possible only in the school. Moreover, the urge to know the unknown encourages the child to grasp more knowledge. These schools teach children etiquettes and build in habits that are effective in the long run. They even learn ways to carry out responsibilities and complete tasks on-time.

Education is not only restricted to home or school. Each and everything a child does, become an experience, adding more in the development process. As a parent, you should guide and support your child in differentiating between right and wrong. Increasing the interest to learn using innovative mechanism is yet another method to educate children and thereby helping in developing ethics, identity and morale of their own.

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