Six Most Enjoyable Games for the Entire Family

After rushing through an extremely busy week, spending some quality time is a positive way to refresh and prepare yourself for the coming week. Since throughout the week you hardly get time to bond with your family members, weekends are the best time to do so. Make your entire family engage and participate in some kind of games so that you can secure some precious moments with all that you will cherish in future. Below are listed some of the indoor and outdoor games that your entire family can partake.

Some families prefer to play indoor games where they can engage in some activities within the relaxing comforts of their room.  Some common indoor games are:

  1. Board games – The popularity of board games has reached great heights in the recent past. People these days are mostly interested in playing strategic games, which test their analytical skill. This is best manifested in games like Monopoly, Lego, cleudo and etc. Even dice games come under this category where many people can participate at the same time.
  2. Card games – Another set of games that can engage people across different generations of the same family is card games. There are varieties of games that can be played with cards. Some of the most popular types are bridge, bray, fish, bluff and trick-taking games such as spades and others.
  3. Educational games – These are games in which everyone participates to have fun, and in the meantime, the young members of the family tend to learn something or test their knowledge. Games like scrabble particularly test vocabulary, and quiz tests knowledge on various topics. These games bring family members together to share wonderful times.

On the other hand, some families enjoy remaining active even in the weekends. For them some of the outdoor activities are:

  1. Badminton – This game holds its own charm since mid of 18th century. People of most ages love to participate in badminton, which can be played by two players (singles) or four players (doubles). It can be definitely customised as per your choice so that you can add more players to make it more challenging.
  2. Bowling – Families interested in light mood competition can enjoy playing bowling. They can split up into different teams and compete against each other in knocking the targeted pins. This game played at leisure can cheer everyone up. The common types of bowling games include five-pin bowling, nine-pin, ten-pin, candle-pin and etc.
  3. Ball games – The quintessential ball games like football, volleyball and basketball have been favourite with families since long times. Although considered as a game primarily for male members of the family, it is also played with similar vigour by female members. Albeit aged members in the family lack the physical ability to participate in ball games, they can verbally cheer up the ones, who are playing.

Depending on the preference of your family members, you can choose whether you want to play indoor or outdoor games. So get ready to have enjoyable weekends ahead, with your entire family actively taking part in these games.

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