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Precautions For Kids’ Health Problems

A great deal has been written about how to build a healthy kid by giving him the right kind of diet and supplements. However, there are other aspects to consider as well when talking about a kid’s health problem. And that starts with the basics of parenting and then goes forward. Let us see how.

  • Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy may cause the fetus to develop a syndrome called Fetus alcohol syndrome, in which there may be physical, mental and behavioral problems.
  • Child having Fetus Alcohol Syndrome

  • Always place the child on his back when sleeping. This is a precautionary step to avoid suffocation of the child.
  • Breast feeding a baby, if viable, ensures that it is receiving all the required nutrients. It protects the child from acquiring any form of bacterial infections.
  • Growing children need lots of encouragement from you. Give the kid compliments on doing an activity that is difficult for him/her. This will give him/her a moral boost and help to achieve new goals.
  • Encouraging Kids Gives Them Boost

  • Physical exercise is a must for growing kids. Encourage them to play outside for sometime daily. Doing this will build character, and will not leave him an introvert. It also allows him to show off his skills as a sportsman.
  • To avoid concussion, or any such major damages, make sure that your child wears a helmet and his protection gear at all times while riding or skate boarding.
  • Impart the importance of brushing and maintaining healthy gums at all times. Bring him into a routine of brushing at least twice daily. A regular visit to a dentist is important, to ensure your child’s dental health.
  • Washing Hands Rises Cleanliness in Kids

  • Unclean hands often lead to illness. Therefore, make it a daily habit to check on the cleanliness of your child’s hands. Washing his hands after coming back from outside, or before and after food is important. Your child needs to be explained about its importance.
  • The next point is about food habits. It is important that you follow a healthy eating pattern at home. In doing so you train your child to eat healthy and stay fit. Help him choose the right kind of nutritious food and prepare a special meal for him few times a week. That way, your child will not be bored of eating the mundane food items daily.
  • Be aware of the allergies or illnesses that your child is prone to. Overlooking such matters may be hazardous. Discuss with your pediatrician for solutions to these problems.
  • Pets Can Make Kids More Responsible

  • And last but not the least, if your child is eager for a pet, and you have the convenience, then let him have one. A pet can not only be a companion for your child, but also teach him responsibilities. This is also an important part of character building.

Health Care Tips for Adolescents and Children

Children of all ages need to be given special education about their health. The importance of maintaining  healthy living is the need of the hour, given the world we are residing in. Here are a few health care tips for adolescents and children that you may follow to ensure a healthy living condition in your kids.

A. Bad food habits cause many health problems in children. Therefore, it is important to understand how you may manage these issues.

  • Give them calcium rich foods which will help in their bone development. Food items rich in calcium are milk, yoghurt, soy milk etc. are the items you want your child to drink. Keep them away from sodas and soft drinks, as they have small quantities of caffeine in them. This may cause them to get addicted to the caffeine. Calcium deficiency may cause weakness in bones, knock knees, sleep disorders etc.
  • Protein rich food helps in muscle growth Creatine. This is common knowledge. However, the uncommon knowledge is that, intake of too much protein may cause kidney problems. Limit protein intake to the required level, and indulge your child to instead go for more sports activities that will help build muscles, and keep the child fit.
  • Give your child lots of greens and whole grains. These help build stronger blood vessels and lowers the chance of falling prey to killer diseases like cancer.
  • Push your children to exercise more and limit their time for video games and television. This not only keeps the body fit, but also reduces the chances of obesity. It is also essential for the mental growth of the child.
  • Insist on serving a heavy and well balanced breakfast. Since this is the most important meal of the day, it is also the best meal to include most of the essential nutrients that your child daily needs.
  • Girls specially need to take in more iron due to their monthly menstrual cycle. Iron deficiency causes anemia, and may pose a problem to them at a later stage. Since iron plays a major role in blood composition, it is essential for the boys as well. Iron deficiency is a very common illness amongst children.

B. Apart from a healthy food habit, it is essential for your children to get a proper night’s sleep. A growing child needs at least 9 hours of sleep on a daily basis. Therefore it is imperative that you specify a bed-time for your child, and that he/she abides by it. Lack of sleep causes disorientation in them causing them to lag behind in school, lethargic and irritable. A good night’s sleep cannot be compensated by sleeping extra on the weekend. So, help them get over this habit, if they are developing one.

C. Children nowadays are more stressed out. To ease this stress get them to do a little bit of mind relaxing exercises and indulge them to listen to soothing music once in a while.

By following these simple steps you will not only gain their health but also their confidence. You will see a definite change in their attitude towards the world.