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Five Common Kids’ Health Issues

As parents, all of us are very concerned about the health of our kids and we try to take the best care of them. However, despite all our efforts and precautionary measures, there are some common kids health issues that cannot be prevented. As parents we need to accept the fact that kids will be sick and that we need to deal with that more often. Most of the common kids health issues are not serious in nature but as parents it is always good to have some basic awareness about them.

There are several common kids health issues. But today we will be discussing only five of these that are more common in nature and usually affect almost all kids.

  • Fever: If the body temperature is more than 100.4 º F and higher, it is known as fever. Fever is apparently not dangerous as it is the body’s normal reaction to invasion of foreign germs. But if the fever doesn’t subside by itself and develops some additional symptoms like lethargy, low appetites and vomiting tendencies then take the kids to the pediatric doctors for consultation.
  • Coughs and Colds: Coughs and colds are mostly caused by viruses that infect the nose and throat. Apart from sneezing, running nose and bouts of cough there may be additional symptoms like fevers, sore throats, headaches, fatigue and low appetite. Usually there are no immediate cures for coughs and colds. Most kids get better in two-three days without complications but there can be possibilities of some “secondary bacterial infections”. These may include ear infections, pneumonia etc. If the kids have constant cough and colds for more than four weeks, drowsiness, chest pains, fast or noisy breathings and persistent high fever, then consult pediatric doctors immediately.
  • Diarrhea and Vomiting: Diarrhea and vomiting are common kids health issues that happen mostly due to irregularities in bowels or stomach such as food poisoning or gastroenteritis. Only vomiting can also happen due to fever or mental anxiety. These usually get cured automatically with little or no medical help. But if the kids show symptoms of only diarrhea followed by a high temperature, then the possibility of urinary infections cannot be ruled out. Then you have to take advice of the pediatric doctors.
  • Rashes or Common Skin Infections: Rashes are mostly caused by viral infections. Usually rashes are not harmful themselves; rather they can be symptoms of chicken pox or measles. However, sometimes rashes can be caused due to life threatening diseases like meningitis. Immediate medical interventions are required in such cases. Some other common skin infections in kids are diaper rashes, sunburns, blisters, acnes, bites and stings by animals and insects etc. None of these are serious and can be easily treated by the pediatric doctors.
  • Obesity: One of the most common kids health issues in recent years is obesity. Kids who are overweight have high risk of contracting number of health problems. These include high cholesterol level, high blood pressures, Type 2 diabetes, asthma, sleeping disorders etc. Also, kids suffering from obesity are prone to various psychological disorders like low self esteem, depression, fear of being disliked and bullied by others etc. All these can eventually have disastrous effects on the physical and mental developments of the kids. If your kids are suffering from obesity then it is very important to have timely medical interventions.

We are now aware of five most common kids health issues that may affect them in their formative years. However, it is very important that regular health checkups and timely medical interventions from pediatric doctors are continued for the kids. After all, which parents would want to endanger the life of their kids because of ignorance?

How To Get Rid of Childhood Obesity?

“Oh! Look at that chubby kid!” is this a statement you have heard often when taking stroll in the park? You may choose to take this comment in two ways; first, you think your child is healthy and well fed, therefore looks very cute, or second, you are inattentive about your kid’s diet and physical activity. If you belong to the former category, then probably you need a little more time to realize the truth. However, if you do belong to the latter category, then it is time you started taking some precautions.

Obesity is a growing challenge faced by most parents today. It is attributed to the current life style and unhealthy diet followed at most homes. Obesity may lead to various health issues like cardio-vascular diseases, rise in cholesterol levels, high blood pressure and so on, even in children. So how do you fight obesity? The answer is by simply following a few basic steps.


There are Many Causes of Childhood Obeisity Eating is Just One of Them

1. First, pay attention to your daily diet routine.
(a)Check the items that you consume on a daily basis.
(b)List those items.
(c)Consult a chart which lists out all the amount of calories and fats for all foods.
(d)Over a period of time start by eliminating the high calorie foods or simply replacing them with low fat items.
2. Children today take to video games and the television very easily. It should be noted by the parents that your child should indulge in these activities because of two reasons:
(a)The child gets addicted to video games and television, and
(b)Your child is deprived of any physical exercise.
(c)There is yet another reason to discourage your kid from staying indoors for too long; and that is your child will tend to become introvert and will shy away from people as they grow.


Factors Causing Obeisity

3. Select an educational institute that encourages P.E. Many schools take off P.E from their daily curriculum due to lack of staff or other reasons. Parents should be aware of this change and should act accordingly. You are looking for the best of education for your child; physically as well as mentally.
4. Pack a healthy lunch for your school going kid. Make sure he does not gorge on the fatty and unhealthy food readily available outside. If you notice your child is bringing back his lunch untouched, then it may be time for you to discuss health matters with your child’s teachers.
5. At times you may notice your kid over eating all the time. There may be a few reasons for this.
(a)Your child is not eating enough during meal times.
(b)He is taking too much time adjusting to his new diet chart or
(c)The kid is suffering from some form of mental illness which is making him over eat. In either of the cases it will be wise of you to consult your family physician for the suitable remedy.

You are the all rounder in your kid’s life. To understand and meet his health requirements is your responsibility. Do not give in to the begging and coaxing of the child for unhealthy foods, if you want your child to have a healthy and hearty future.

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Why Are Health Lesson Plans Important For Children?

With all the environmental changes around us, it is imperative that kids suffer from a lot of health issues. For any parent or teacher, it is possibly an issue of the highest importance. To overcome this crisis, the grownups should prepare a health lesson plan for the children. The entire purpose of preparing a health lesson plan is to impart a child with healthy and positive knowledge that he/she will carry on for life.

Preparing a health lesson plan makes the kids aware of the importance of maintaining a healthy body and healthy mind. It is like a list of do’s and don’ts that are prepared keeping in mind the best interests of the kids. However, the list has to be prepared according to the age of the children. Lesson plans will be of three basic types:

  • Kindergarten or Preschool Plan: A kid studying in kindergarten is more receptive to fun and visuals. The primary objective in this age group would be to develop a sense of awareness about their own body; for example, how to maintain healthy teeth and gums, cleanliness of the whole body, scalp problems, proper food habits etc. These can be communicated to them with the help of some fun activities and colorful pictures. Certain stories may be shared with them explaining the difference between a healthy body and an unhealthy one.
  • Middle School Plan: A child in middle school faces lot of peer pressure and confusions. At this age children are usually not much into fun activities, but, will respond better if the activities are made more interactive. By making them discuss a health issue, you will not only make the child more interested to learn, but also give them a chance to express themselves. At this age they can sense a definite change in their bodies. Developing a lesson plan helps them understand these changes that will give them a moral boost and help them keep a straight head.
  • High School Plan: A high school student normally poses to be the most challenging. Since they are at go between ages therefore, they sometimes feel out of place. The chances of the child going astray are increased at this age. Starting from drug abuse to unhealthy food habits and lack of physical activities, all happens now. Therefore, since for most part of the day children are at school, the teacher should make an extra effort in preparing their lesson plan. It should elaborate the effects of the negative thinking process which children of that age develop, and methods to overcome them. It is best to keep the interactions on an informal tone than a strict and monotonous one, if intentions are to keep the student’s mind in the class.

All lesson plans are not suitable for children. However, an effort must be made from the grownup’s end since they have seen and experienced more of life than the kids. Hence you need to be first aware as to why are health lesson plans important for kids, and how can you both reap benefits out of it.