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How To Prepare A Healthy Weight Loss Diet?

A healthy diet keeps the doctor away. And this applies to your kid as well. A healthy weight loss diet helps your kids shed extra weight or prevent him/her from becoming obese, even without exercise. Recent studies have proved that obese kids are more likely to suffer from diabetes and other health complications than the healthy ones. So, here we will discuss about how to prepare a healthy weight loss diet for your kid.

Healthy Diet

"Sweet" Kid

Weight loss diet includes meals that are rich in protein and low in carbohydrates. Such meals will keep your kid active throughout the day. The more active your kid is, the less chance he/she has of becoming obese. The best thing is that preparing healthy weight loss meals takes less time than the high-in-fat ones. You just need to know what to exclude from the diet.

While preparing a healthy balanced diet, it is better to avoid potatoes, grain, rice, sugar, and roots like yam. Your kid’s diet should not include pasta, cakes, processed foods, and deep fried foods. These foods are rich in carbohydrate, and end up making your kid obese. But keeping your kid away from high carb foods may be easier said than done. If they insist, give in to their demands but only once in while.

The healthy kid diet should not include high carb foods. But that does not mean it will be blant or lack variety. Introduce different dishes in your kid’s diet. Also rotate the dishes as frequently as you can. Keep changing your kid’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner with different low carb foods.

A healthy weight loss diet for breakfast should include lots of fresh fruits and juices. If your kid loves to drink milk, give him/her skimmed milk. Also, serve a hard boiled egg instead of an omelet. Anything not fried should be a part of your kid’s healthy weight loss diet.

Apart from staple foods, lots of green vegetables should be on the lunch menu. Prepare salads from raw vegetables like cucumber, carrots, and broccoli. If your kid dislikes eating raw vegetables, replace those with steamed ones. You can also include sea foods and poultry in your kid’s healthy diet. It is good to avoid red meats, as they are rich in carbohydrates.

A healthy weight loss diet for dinner should include dishes that are very light in calories. You can include soups, salads, boiled sea foods, and poultry to your kid’s dinner. Whatever you give your kid to eat for dinner, serve less in quantity as compare to lunch.

You need to keep in mind that a healthy weight loss diet depends on your child’s health requirements. So, the most important thing you need to do before you plan to prepare your kid’s diet is to check his/her weight. You need to know your kid’s standard body mass index. It is advisable to get a healthy weight loss diet - chart made from a nutrition expert. That will ensure your kid never puts on weight yet stays healthy.