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The Importance Of Exercise in Children

So you have chalked out healthy eating guidelines for your children and it has already started showing results. But have you ever wondered that along with healthy eating diet, how much important is it for your children to have a structured exercise regime? In today’s world where children have to survive in a highly competitive and stressful environment, the relationship between exercise and children needs to be taken seriously. Exercises for children are absolutely essential for their overall physical and mental growth.

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Exercise Keeps A Child Fit And Fine

Children who exercise regularly have improved physical fitness, higher level of confidence, higher level of energy and have much better memory than their counterparts who do not exercise. The importance of exercises in children can be only judged by the health benefits that are derived from them. So, let’s discuss the exercise health benefits for children.

1. Children who exercise have stronger immunity and their body’s ability to fight off diseases improves vastly. Most children who regularly exercise are less prone to common children’s health issues like coughs and colds, fevers, allergies etc.

2. Another exercise health benefits in children are reduction of Type 2 Diabetics because of increasing insulin sensitivity and improving of the carbohydrates metabolism.

3. Exercises also help to maintain balanced blood pressure level in the children. Additionally, it has been observed that exercises in children help in improving their cholesterol profile as well.

4.  Most children who exercise have stronger cardio vascular system owing to higher pumping activities of the heart. And stronger and healthy heart right from the childhood reduces the chances of heart ailments later in life.

5.  Of the numerous exercise health benefits, development of stronger bones, joints and muscles structure in children are of significant importance. This actually helps them in the long run and reduces chances of orthopedics problems a lot when they grow up.

Exercise Is A Great Way To Keep Health Ailments Away

6. Exercises in children can keep away one of the most common children’s health issues in recent times, obesity. As exercises help in burning calories in the bodies, children who exercise regularly are able to reduce body fat and also have controlled weights.

7. Another exercise health benefits in children is increasing blood flow to all the tissues in the body that includes the brain as well. Greater blood flow supplies more oxygen and nutrients to the cells in the children’s bodies. This makes the children more energized.

8. Greater blood flows also lead to higher rate of metabolism in the children’s bodies resulting in detoxification and in the process make the children much fitter. Also, exercises in children increase their breathing and sweating that is again responsible for detoxification as well.

9. Those children who exercise have enhanced brain metabolism which is largely responsible for better brain functions and increased memory.

10. Routine exercises regimes in children help them to concentrate much better in schools and all other activities.

11. There are several studies that substantiate the fact that the children who exercise have decreased level of anxieties, depressions and mood swings. Also exercise enhances their quality of sleep.

Sound Sleep Is Bound To Happen After Exercising

12. Children who exercise have higher self confidence, are more optimistic and have greater self esteem. Since their endurance level increase due to exercises, these children are better equipped to overcome difficulties and challenges in life and supposedly have more positive outlook towards life.

By now you must be fully aware of the relationship between exercise and children. So, if your children are not into any form of exercises, remember they are losing out on all the exercise health benefits. And being responsible parents your objective will definitely be to let your children grow into healthy, active and fit individuals, ready to take on the world!

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The Importance Of A Healthy Breakfast in Children

As parents our objective is to chalk out healthy eating guidelines for our children. In this context we cannot undermine the relationship between healthy breakfast and children. Studies have shown that if you want to maintain healthy eating diets for your children, you need to first ensure healthy breakfast for them. And most importantly children should not skip breakfast under any circumstances.


Healthy Breakfast Ensures A Great Start To The Day

So, let’s discuss the importance of a healthy breakfast for children and the reasons why it should not be skipped.

1. We know that there is a considerable time gap between the dinner and the breakfast. Breakfast helps the children to recharge or refuel the body for the long day ahead. Children who eat healthy breakfast are much more charged up and do not feel tired at school. They have high energy levels and can concentrate much better on the studies and physical activities.

2. The relationship between healthy breakfast and children can be directly linked to their academic performances in school. Children who skip breakfast have low levels of concentration and are more sluggish. They are less attentive and face difficulty to carry out the tasks particularly in the morning. There have been several studies conducted on this and all of them support the fact that children who eat nutritious breakfast have higher chances of performing better in both academics and sports in schools.

3.  Also children who eat breakfast regularly have high alertness level and higher span of attention. They have overall development of both body and mind that is required for academic excellence. Their high energy levels and fit bodies ensure that they excel in sports and other extracurricular activities.


4.  Another important aspect of healthy breakfast in children is the high intake of fibers in their bodies which are very essential for regulation of the digestive system and prevention of constipation. Most of the other meals that the children take are less in fiber contain in comparison to breakfast. So skipping of breakfast makes your children deprived of this vital nutrient required by the body.

5. As the breakfasts are usually high in fiber content and low in fat, they help in checking the bad cholesterols in children. So habits of healthy breakfast in children actually safeguard them in the later part of their life from several diseases that originate from higher percentage of bad cholesterols in the body.


Good Breakfast Makes Happy Child

6. There is a misconception in some of the growing children that skipping of breakfast can lead to weight loss. On the contrary, a well nourished and healthy breakfast in children actually helps them to keep a check on their body weight. Children who skip breakfast develop habits of snacking in between meals as their bodies are starved. In the process they eat excessively in later part of the day and end up gaining more calories than the normal requirements. This eventually leads to overweight and can be even responsible for obesity.

Now you will be surely able to establish the relationship between healthy breakfast and children. All that you need is to make your children understand the benefits and importance of a healthy breakfast. Once you are able to achieve that and make it a habit of healthy breakfast in children, wait and watch your children growing into healthy adults who excel in whatever they do!

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The Health Benefits of Fruits in Children

“An apple…err…a fruit a day keeps the doctor away.” Wondering when this oft repeated saying got altered? Well, studies show that it’s not just apples, but almost all fruits are rich in natural vitamins, minerals, enzymes and phytochemicals that are essential for growth and development of our bodies. And that makes it essential for your children diet plans to compulsorily contain fruits. Fruits are easily digestible, are low in sodium content and have numerous fruit health benefits for the children.

Road to Fitness

Let’s discuss some of the common fruit health benefits for your children that will also provide you some ideas of healthy eating guidelines.

  • Apples: Apples are rich in flavonoids and polyphenols that are powerful antioxidants and have the abilities to fight several germs including growth of cancerous cells. Apples strengthen the blood cells in your children, prevent liver disturbances and indigestion due to its high content of malic and tartaric acids.
  • Pears: Pears are rich in Vitamin C and have high fiber contents in them that prevent constipation and also ensure regularity of bowel movements. If your children are having high fever or other inflammatory conditions, consumption of pears juice is believed to be highly effective.
  • Berries: Almost all forms of berries have certain fruit health benefits that are essential for your children. Raspberries and loganberries have high concentration of phytochemicals that help fighting growth of cancerous cells. Dark berries like blueberries, blackberries and raspberries contain powerful antioxidants. Cranberries help to fight urinary infections in your children. Strawberries are rich in Vitamin C and help fighting viruses that attack your children’s bodies, prevent gouts and rheumatism.
  • Peaches and Nectarines: Peaches and nectarines contain carotenes, potassium, flavonoids, and natural sugars. They are also rich in phytochemicals like lycopene and lutein that prevents heart diseases and fights growth of cancer in your children.
  • Cherries: Cherries are high in Vitamin A and have multiple fruit health benefits. Consumptions of cherries reduce pain and inflammation in your children, boost the heart system, help stimulate the secretion of digestive juices and act as cleansers for livers and kidneys. Cherries are also effective in common children health issues like colds, obesity, cramps, intestinal worms etc.
  • Grapes: Grapes are rich in flavonoids and are good source of instant energy for your children. Some fruit health benefits of grapes include prevention of constipation, gouts, skin and liver disorders, reduction of blood clots, fight against polio virus and herpes simplex virus etc.
  • Bananas: Bananas are rich source of Vitamin B6 and folic acids. They provide slow releasing energy and instant boosts to your children. High iron content in bananas help in hemoglobin function and prevent your children from getting anemic. Bananas are extremely high in potassium and have the abilities to reduce the risk of blood pressure and stroke. Some other fruit health benefits of bananas are development of healthy bones and protection of eyesight.
  • Pineapples: Pineapples are loaded with calcium, potassium; fiber and Vitamin C. Eating pineapples help in strengthening of bones, are good for coughs and colds and help in clotting of bloods for your children.
  • Mangoes: Mangoes contain phenols that are powerful antioxidants and fight against cancers. High iron content and Vitamin A in mangoes protect the children from heart diseases and are effective in indigestion or acidity.
  • Citrus Fruits: Citrus fruits like oranges and lemons are high in Vitamin C, acidic content, fibers and are very good in fighting off heart diseases and reducing risk of cancer in your children. They help in protecting the children from various common infections and diseases, are good for skins and gums as well.

Now you have a handful of information on some of the common fruit health benefits for your children. Armed with these you can now chalk out healthy diet plans for your children that will be rich in fruits content. So, go ahead and ensure that you derive the most of the fruit health benefits that will make your children healthy, happy and hearty.