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Are Vitamin Supplements for Kids Safe

A vitamin is a group of organic substances that should be taken in small quantity, and is essential for certain body functions.


Vitamin Supplement

In the modern world, it is common for any individual to suffer from vitamin deficiency. It is primarily due to the deteriorating condition of food quality available today. This type of deficiency is more common amongst kids, as they are very choosy about their food. It is impossible to feed a child with all types vitamin rich vegetables and fruits. To overcome this condition, many parents are giving vitamin supplements to their kids. However, it must be understood, that every child may have a different requirement in terms of vitamins. So, it is unwise to follow example of a friend or neighbor and start giving your kid a vitamin that he/she does not need.

Now are vitamin supplements for kids safe? This question arises in the minds of the parents. How to decide if a kid is deficient or not? What are the different vitamins available, and what purpose do they serve? All these questions are valid and need to be answered. So let’s have a look.

There are in total 6 basic categories in vitamin. All of them have different functions when taken individually or in combination, and available from different sources. The names, basic functions and source for each are:

  • Vitamin A: Improves eyesight and maintains healthy skin tone.
  • Source: Eggs, milk, fruits and vegetables
  • Vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12: Energy generation and assists in red blood cells formation.
  • Source: Whole grains, fish, leafy vegetables and dairy products
  • Vitamin C: Strengthens muscles and gums. Heals wounds, and also shields against infections
  • Source: Citrus fruits, tomatoes, broccoli cabbage etc.
  • Vitamin D: Helps in calcium absorption by the bones, strengthens teeth and bones
  • Source: Fish, egg yolk and dairy products
  • Vitamin E: Formation of red blood cells, and protection of the lungs
  • Source: Whole grains, leafy vegetables, egg yolk, nuts etc
  • Vitamin K: Helps in blood clotting in case of injuries
  • Source: Leafy vegetables and dairy product

Looking at the list makes one thing clear that, not all children are eager to drink their share of milk and eat their vegetables. That is where vitamin supplements help. They fill up the gap that is left in the daily vitamin need of the body, and are safe. However, excess intake of vitamins may cause vitamin toxicity, which is harmful for kids. Therefore, when giving your child any supplements, you should read the recommended dosage on the label of the pack. In case your kid is allergic to any form of supplements, then it becomes mandatory for you to consult your physician.

It is important to be aware of the quality of the supplements while buying them. Research a little into the types available in the market before purchasing. To make it fun for your children, you make choose to buy vitamins that are chewable, rather than buying capsules and liquid. Some are also available in the flavors of lollipops or gummy bears.

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Good Aerobic Exercise For Kids

Today, with the rapid growth in televisions, computers and gaming devices in our homes, kids are increasingly spending time glued to these gadgets. In this scenario, aerobics for kids have become not an option, but an absolute necessity. Lack of good aerobic exercise for kids can lead to obesity. Obesity in turn increases the possibility of a number of diseases. As parents, you need to ensure proper aerobics sessions for kids that will help them to be healthy, develop their hearts and lungs, strengthen and tone their muscles and control their weights. In a nutshell, good aerobic exercise for kids ensures overall physical and mental growth for them.


Kids Exercise

Parents today have a number of ways to ensure good aerobics for kids. But the most effective way is to make the activities full of fun by parents themselves participating in those activities. Kids always feel more motivated if they see their parents involved in what they do. Also parents participating in these aerobics for kids will equally benefit from the exercises.

Let’s see some of the good aerobics exercises for kids that can be beneficial for them:

Walking /Jogging: Brisk walking or jogging can be a great starter for a new exercise regime. Parents can walk to and from schools with the kids. If time permits, an early morning jogging with your kids can be fun filled. Another good aerobics for kids is going for hiking on the weekends.

Cycling: Cycling is a very good low impact aerobic exercise for kids that helps in building strength. It also supports the body leading to a good posture. For a change, parents can cycle down with the kids to their school.

Swimming: Swimming is one form of aerobics for kids that can very well turn out to be a family activity. You can challenge your kid on who can finish the length faster. You can even play water polo. Playing saucers in the water can be equally enjoying.

Some aerobics for Stronger Muscles: There are some aerobics for kids that help in strengthening muscles. These are push-ups, pull-ups, tug-of-war, rowing and inline skating. Participate with your kids in these activities and see how they enjoy it.

Some aerobics for Enhancing Flexibility: Contrary to the adults, kids have more flexible body. They can easily stretch and bend without much effort and pain. Some aerobics for kids like gymnastics, yoga, dance, martial arts etc. enhances the flexibility of their body.

Just Play Around: Even simple sports like kicking the football and playing with bat and ball can be good form of aerobics for kids. Involve the whole family or your kid’s friends. This feeling of togetherness will also help boost your kid’s interest in aerobics.

So, there are plenty of good aerobics for kids. Choose the best one that suits you and your kid. Go out today with your kid and have fun. Even after sweating it out in the sun, you will see that healthy smile on your kid’s face!

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How to Keep Track of Kid’s Health and Fitness?

Health is Wealth”- this adage still holds true despite changing times. And when it comes to your little one’s health, it becomes a maxim. Being a parent it is obvious that your kid’s health fitness is your primary concern. Your kid’s health problems can even frustrate you. This situation can be avoided if you remain cautious about your child’s health beforehand. How? Here we talk about certain parenting practices that will help you keep track of your kid’s health and fitness.

You should take your child to health care centers for regular check-ups. The pediatrician will diagnose problems, if any, and treat them. He will also educate you about common health problems of children and suggest measures to ensure your kid’s healthy condition. If your kid is under regular check-ups, the chances of him/her falling ill are less.

Lack of healthy diet can affect your kid’s health and fitness. Always ensure that your child is taking nutritious food in right quantity. But do not force your child to eat when he/she refuses. The loss of appetite could be due to health reasons. Take your child to a pediatrician, instead of battling with him/her regularly over food.

Your kid’s healthy life depends a lot on his/her weight. Do not neglect the matter if you find your child is underweight. Do not just assume that only a rich diet will help your kid to gain proper weight. Your kid may be suffering from a genetic disorder called celiac disease. Take your little one to a pediatrician for diagnosis.

Being overweight is equally harmful for your kid’s health and fitness. It could develop into full blown problems such as diabetes pretty early in life. If you find your kid is gaining extra weight, make him/her do physical exercise. For best results, combine physical exercise with proper diet. Consult a nutrition expert and have a diet chart made.

You should ensure that your little one is getting proper sleep. Eight to nine hours sleep everyday is essential to keep your kid healthy and fit. If your kid suffers from sleep deprivation, try to find out the reason behind it. It may happen that your kid is suffering from anxiety disorder or depression. There could be physical reasons as well. Talk to your little one and try to get to the bottom of the problem.

If you find your kid is not taking interests in any activity, do not ignore. It is very rare to find a healthy and fit kid sitting idly all the time. Try to detect the problem by observing his/her behaviors. This would give you indications if your kid is upset, scared, or angry. However, if you can not make out the problem on your own, consult a physician or a psychiatrist.

As you have seen, a little effort on your part goes a long way to keep your kid healthy and fit. Create a checklist of the necessary tasks and follow them for your kid’s health and fitness. Happy parenting!

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