What are some healthy snack options for kids and family

Toss out junk food and start preparing snack time fun again! Serving healthy snacks in-between meals is a vital element to ensure that your child’s diet is well balanced. But, if you consider snack-time as “mini-meal time” it’s unlikely that you will serve your kid with unhealthy diet options. However, when you just walk round a supermarket it might leave your head in a bit of spin as there are numerous products displayed to choose from.

You will often find yourself trapped in buying small packaged snacks available with adorable cartoon stickers on them. No doubt that your kid loves them. But, often it is found that ingredients like trans fats, high fructose corn syrup etc should infrequently pass their lips – it’s reprehensible that products of such kind are often promoted to the kids.

Check out these few kid-friendly ingredients that make great snacks:

  • Celery and/or carrots with dip – Well-liked dips among kids may comprise of hummus, bean dip, creamy Italian dressing, ranch, soft cheese and cream cheese. You can try other raw vegetables too such as zucchini or courgette, cucumbers or bell pepper slices.
  • Whole wheat crackers and toppings – You can try sliced cheese, egg salad, cream cheese, peanut butter, tuna salad, pepperoni and jelly. You can prepare your lunch for your kid on your own by layering them with cheese, ham and turkey.
  • Fresh fruit – Different types of melon cut into chunks, pineapple wedges, whole strawberries are not only colourful but also palatable. You can make use of toothpicks to let kids make their own kebabs and mix fruits to prepare quick salad.
  • Apple slices and dip – Cut apple using apple slicer, sprinkle bit of lemon juice to keep them away from turning brown. You can also serve with peanut butter or fat free whipped topping, sugar free caramel dip or other fruit dip.
  • Yogurt or granola – Granola makes a great snack on its own. It even turns tasty if you can stir it with bit of yogurt. You can even look out for different flavours at your local grocery shop.
  • Popcorn – You can prepare popcorns with little butter or no butter and sprinkle it with parmesan cheese while it’s still hot. You can even sprinkle bit of cinnamon, sugar, salt or any other ingredient to spice it up.
  • Cheese sticks – String cheese are a hot favourite among kids. You can also opt for cheddar sticks.
  • Quick bread and muffins – These are quite filling and look quite tempting when you put them into the oven. You can even dot them with bit of butter. Quick breads and muffins are quite easy to prepare and you can opt for any variety such as blueberry, banana or zucchini.
  • Cereal – Cereals also act as a great snack item. A bowl of cereal for breakfast is considered as a healthy snack item.

So, let you kid and family enjoy some healthy snack items in-between meals.

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